Rolling Welding Curtains



The rolling welding curtains are a popular weld curtain with fabrication facilities of all size. They setup quickly and are just as quick to breakdown. The welding curtain rolls around and can quickly be setup for rapid deployment.  When not needed it can be stored with minimal storage space being used.

The welding sparks and harmful UV rays are blocked by the welding screen which comes in several different colors. The steel base provides rugged use for many years and the shade can be replaced should it become damaged.


  • Base length: 80.50"
  • Shade width: 74.50"
  • Extended height: 72"
  • Retracted height: 6"
  • Protection from: Heat, Ultraviolet light, sparks, and flying debris
  • Transparent Colors: Dark tinted green is standard material.
  • Solid shades: CFM approved, 14 vil Vinyl, resists fire, oils, alkalis, most acids
    water, mildew, welding sparks, and grinding sparks
    Service range of 3° to 165° F continuous. CFM approved
  • Shades can be replaced: Yes

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