Roll Up Machine Guard

Roll Up Machine Guard


The Roll Up Machine Guard prevents operators from getting their hands or feet inside of the machines which they are working near. The guarding also contains flying debris which could potentially injure someone.

These guards un-roll as the machine raises, and they retract as the machine lowers. The guards can be attached in a variety of methods and have potential uses for countless applications. They also provide a very small foot print which is ideal where a traditional bellows fold would be too large.

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Industrial Roll Up Guard

Custom Designed

Each industrial roller guard is designed per application. We take into consideration the environment, duty cycle, and intended use to make sure we provide the correct roller.

The roll up guards come in 3 different roller assemblies and about 6 different shade materials. Based on the form you fill out below we will select the correct roller and shade to meet your application.

Roll Up Guard

Common Uses

  • Guarding Scissor Lift Tables
  • Roll Up Way Covers
  • Guarding Pinch Points on OEM machines
  • Containing Overspray
  • Roll Up CNC Way Cover Guards
  • Upender Tilter Guards
  • general Roll Up Protection

Types of Roll Up Machine Guards

Roll Up Machine Guards
STANDARD DUTY – Roll Up GuardFor lift tables and other slower moving components the standard duty roller guard is ideal. This roller is a reliable economical solution for any applications where the duty cycle is within about 10,000 cycles.

  • DUTY CYCLE – Rated for at least 10,000 cycles
  • OPERATION SPEED – Slow to moderate speeds
  • ROLLER TUBE – 2.375″ and 1.75″ OD
  • SHADE MOUNT – Pocket for flat steel bar – Customer to provide
  • ROLLER MOUNT – Removable mounting legs – Provided
  • PRICE$


Industrial Roller Shade
HEAVY DUTY – Roll Up GuardThe most commonly installed roller guard AKON supplies. Designed for at least 500,000 cycles and featuring a robust fabrication. Commonly used by OEM’s and manufacturing plants for all types of guarding.

  • DUTY CYCLE – Rated for at least 500,000 cycles
  • OPERATION SPEED – Slow, moderate to fast speeds
  • ROLLER TUBE – 1″ and 2.50″ OD
  • SHADE MOUNT – Pocket for flat steel bar – Provided
  • ROLLER MOUNT – Removable mounting legs – Provided
  • PRICE$$


Roll Up Guards
SUPER DUTY – Roll Up GuardRated for at least 1,000,000 cycles this industrial roller guard is designed for applications where high speeds and frequent to non-stop cycling is present.

  • DUTY CYCLE – Rated for at least 1,000,000 cycles
  • OPERATION SPEED – Very fast speeds
  • ROLLER TUBE – 2.50″ OD
  • SHADE MOUNT – Pocket for flat steel bar – Provided
  • ROLLER MOUNT – Removable mounting legs – Provided
  • PRICE$$$


Optional Components


Steel Protection Case

The steel case surrounds the roller and protects if from debris and accidental contact with other objects that might damage it. This can also feature a brush wiper. Please note that this triples the cost of the unit.


High Temp Shades

Standard material is 18oz vinyl. However, for any environment hotter than 140 degrees Fahrenheit we use materials that can withstand the higher temperatures. The material we choose will depend on your description of your application.

roll up machine guarding

Shade Placement

If you require a very long extension then we might have to use a roller that is wider than the shade to accommodate the internal spring. If this is necessary then we can offset the shade anywhere on the roller as shown here.


All Clear Shades

Some applications require a line of sight into the machine when the industrial roller shade is extended. We can provide an all clear material or a standard shade with a view port window.

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