Ordering, Pricing and Delivery

What are my payment options?

Here are our payment options:

Option #1 – Send AKON your credit references to be approved for net 30 days payment. If you don’t have a credit form, we can email you one.

Option #2 – You can send AKON a check, including the shipping cost. Once the check is received and cleared, the order will be released. Please note that with this option your sales person will have to calculate the shipping cost.

Option #3 – You can pay with credit card by clicking this link.


How do I check on my delivery?

All order updates are now handled via our online system.

Please click the link below, enter your quote number and your email address and an order update will be emailed to you.


If you don’t know your quote number please email your sales representative.

If I use a credit card will you e-mail me an invoice for the total amount charged.

Yes. You will be emailed a receipt for your order. Simply enter your email address on the order form.