Industrial Roll Up Guards


SB-9000 | Roll Up Guard

Hand pulled with spring tension roller. This industrial roll up guard has a shade that that is welding grade which blocks harmful UV light. Max extension of up to 25'

SB-5000 | Mobile Guard

Portable welding screen that can form almost any shape of welding cell you need. When not needed the shades roll up into the posts. Max extension of up to 25'

CS-500 | Safety Guard

This guard has a winding cable that the operator walks across the work cell to the other side and attaches it to a receiving hook. Max extension up to 26'

SB-6000 | Booth Shades

The drop-down roller guard provides eye protection from grinding, welding and sanding operations. Operation is very simple via the pull strap which the operator pulls down.

SB-11000 | Roll Up Safety Guard

This roll up and down welding guard works like an old style window shade. It has a ratchet that allows the welding shade to be placed at various heights from full up to full down.

SB-10000 | Mobile Weld Screen

This guard can be picked up and moved from one work area to the other. It has casters on one end of the frame to allow the industrial mobile weld guard to be transported quickly and easily.


SB-2000 | Roll Up Barrier

When you need to keep people from entering areas the SB-2000 industrial roll up barricade is ideal. The retractable barricade rolls up when not needed.

SB-3000 | Roll Up Barrier

Used for both dock openings and for narrower barricades. It is the more economical version of the SB-2000 model with a mesh shade.