Lift Table Skirt – Photo Gallery

Stitched Skirts


Here’s an example of a 1.5 inch fold lift table accordion skirt constructed of all black material.


This scissor lift cover is guarding the internal scissors on an operator manlift which would be located along an assembly line.


Here’s a close-up view of a 3 inch fold scissor lift bellows that has the vents located at the top. The vents allow the expulsion of air so that the scissor lift bellows do not expand outward when lowering.


The portable lift table guards are generally constructed of three sides leaving the handle side open due to push bar clearance issues.


This mobile lift table guard was skirted on all four sides using a small 1.5 inch fold to squeeze in between the handle and the lift.


Here’s an all black lift table safety guard as install on a tilt table along the production floor.

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Heat Bonded Skirts


The heat bonded lift table guards have a very clean crisp look. While they are more expensive, they do have a tighter tolerance when tracking upward and downward.


Here is a close-up view of the corner of the heat bonded lift table guarding.


A close-up view of the inside of the accordion lift table skirt. You can see with the heat bonded skirts there is an internal PVC rib structure which gives it additional strength.


There is also venting at the top of the heat bonded lift table bellows skirts to allow proper venting of air as the lift table moves up and down.


The 18 ounce Vinyl can be all yellow, all black or all white is shown here in this picture of the accordion safety skirting.

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Medical / Wash Down Skirt


On this small lift table shield there is multi-direction operation. The lift table shield needs to move both vertically and horizontally.

Custom bellows guard

Here you can see that one side is higher than the other. The safety skirt has no issue accommodating the height differential.


Another view of the lift table shield when raised to full extension.

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Custom Bellows


You can see here that very large scissor lift curtains can be produced for over-sized lift tables. When the lift table is this large the scissor lift curtains have to have additional venting for proper operation.


A side view of the two very large lift table safety skirts.


This custom bellows guard was produced for a manufacturing facility on several vertical post to protect pinch points.


An isometric view of the lift table bellows.


Custom lift table skirting for lift tables or any other device that raises and lowers is done using 3-D modeling if needed.


The scissor lift curtains can be a few feet high or 30 feet high.

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