Industrial Custom Bellows

Square-Rectangular Bellows

Square / Rectangular Bellows

Depending upon the specific requirements of your facility, AKON can provide both square and rectangular bellows in various sizes and materials. The mounting style can be either flange or collar. The most common applications are, to name a few: making extended joints for ducts, protecting moving mechanical devices, protecting rectangular or square machine parts.


U-Shaped - Slide & Way Covers

U-Shaped Slide & Way Covers

U-SHAPED covers can be put to use in any possible circumstances as they are available in all sizes and materials. The covers are ideal in protecting machine surfaces from dirt, debris or chips. Typical mounting involves placing the cover on the surface top in a horizontal direction.


Flat Bellows

Flat Bellows

Flat bellows can be acquired in any size made from your choice of material to fulfill the requirements of your facility environment and processes. Stiffeners can be used to help the flat bellows retain their original shape when mounted either in vertical or horizontal position. The most common use of flat bellows is to prevent debris to accumulate in an area. They can also provide protection in a specific plane by acting as a screen.