Roll Up Welding Curtains

MODEL: SB-5000



With the use of the roll up welding curtains you have the ability to move your welding curtains to the location where welding is taking place.
With a modular design, portability and setup are quick and easy. Completely free-standing design allows for almost unlimited cell configurations. The vertical pedestals are easy to transport to different work areas via the wheels on the base of the pedestals.

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Roll Up Welding Curtain Benefits

  • Protection against UV radiation during welding
  • Portable, modular and flexible
  • Ease of work cell assembly
  • Unique free-standing design offers virtually any cell configuration

Common Uses

  • Portable welding screens
  • Removable welding guards
  • Mobile welding shades
  • Portable welding curtains
  • Modular welding work cells


Roll Up Safety Guard Benefits

  • The portable welding curtains are constructed from heavy duty steel
  • Ideal for MIG, TIG and stick welding applications
  • Protects users from UV light emitted during arc welding
  • Can also serve as a privacy wall to block the view of visitors
  • The portable welding curtain can withstand temperatures as low as 11 degrees for outdoor use
  • The pedestal is wide enough to provide stability and features a high visibility safety yellow coating


How the Shades Connect To The Opposing Posts

Each post on the top and the bottom has 4 mounting holes that the shade can connect to. This allows you to connect multiple posts to each other to make work cells with many different configurations. You can also make long retractable welding curtain walls. Simply lift the welding shade post out of the holes to retract the portable weld curtains to make way for forklift traffic or product movement.


Optional Two Shades on Single Post

If you have a design which would benefit from having more than one shade on a single post then we can accommodate that. As shown in the picture to the left, which features two shades on a single post. This allows you additional flexibility when designing your modular welding cells.


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portable-welding-curtains retracted-welding-curtains




  • Pedestal dimensions: 20.40″ x 20.40″ x 10.25″ tall
  • Mast height: 94″
  • Shade height: 74.50″ / From floor height 89.25″
  • Shade extended length: Up to 180″
  • Shade material: .014″ PVC Film 6″ x 16″ x 3/8″
  • Shade colors: Tinted Dark Green, Tinted Aztec Red, Tinted Yellow
  • Weight w/o ballast: 105lbs
  • Est. weight w/ ballast: 205lbs


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