Roll Up Welding Curtains



The welding roll up curtains are lightweight, durable, and are portable so they can be moved to anywhere some welding is to be done. With an integrated design, transportation and installation is very easy and quick. As the mobile welding screens are designed to be entirely free-standing. Almost any cell configurations can be constructed from them. The wheels installed on the pedestal base make it very to transport without much effort.

Collapses To Allow For Full Access


Shades Roll Out When Needed

Once it is time to begin welding operations the operator hand walks the shades to an adjacent post and then he can begin welding.


Shades Roll Up When Not Needed

The tinted welding screens roll up when not needed to provide full access into and out of the welding cells.


Shades Posts Roll Away

Unlike anchored welding screen welding cells. The SB-5000 can be tilted backwards and rolled away from production for 100% access!

Portability For Speed and Flexibility


Roll Up Welding Curtain Benefits

  • Limits exposure to UV radiation.
  • flexibility for changing welding cell needs.
  • Takes up less space than anchored cells.
  • Reduces material flow congestion.
  • Connect up to 4 shades to a single post.
  • Allows for access of overhead cranes.

Roll Up Safety Guard Benefits

  • Heavy duty steel posts can roll around.
  • Used for TIG, stick, and MIG welding.
  • Shades can be replaced if damaged.
  • The pedestal is bright yellow for visibility.
  • Shades can connect to existing walls or beams with included hooks.

Common Uses

  • Portable welding screens
  • Removable welding guards
  • Mobile welding shades
  • Portable welding curtains
  • Modular welding work cells

Retractable Welding Cells



  • Dimensions: 20.40" x 20.40" x 96" tall
  • Weight w/o ballast: 80lbs
  • Est. weight w/ ballast: 145lbs
  • Weight for base pans not included
  • Pedestals without shades can also be purchased
  • Springs are rated for up to 250,000 cycles

Shade Attachment

  • Shades attach with supplied J-Hooks
  • Can attach to another post or existing walls,
  • 4 shades can connect to a single post

Shade Size

  • Shade - 5' 6" high x 20' wide
  • Custom shade sizes available (No taller than 6' or wider than 25') +$280

Shade Colors

  • Semi Transparent Orange
  • Semi Transparent Blue
  • Semi Transparent Dark Green +$120
  • Semi Transparent Yellow +$120
  • Semi Transparent Gray +$120
  • Clear - +$120 (Will No Block UV Light)
  • Opaque Yellow +$120
  • Opaque Blue +$120
  • Opaque Green +$120

Shade Material

  • Semi Transparent Shades: 14mil PVC Welding Screen
  • Opaque Shades: 18oz PVC Welding Screen
  • Fire retardant | CFM Rated

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