Do you ship internationally?

We do not currently ship outside of the United States except for Canada and Mexico.

Is shipping included in my quote?

Unless otherwise specified by your sales person, all shipping charges are not included.

The exact cost for shipping is not known until we receive the bill from our shipping carrier for shipping you your product, at which point we will charge you for the order including those shipping costs. However, we can give you an estimate based on previous shipments of about the same size and width. Simply ask your sales representative.

If you have an account with a shipping carrier such as UPS, FedEx, Conway..ect then you can provide us with that account number and we can ship your order on your account.

Is there any sales tax on my order?

Akon is registered in Florida and several other states to collect sales tax on certain items. If your order is tax exempt, then it is requested that you supply a tax exempt certificate with your order. This will eliminate the need to charge sales tax on your purchase.


What happens when my order is lost or damaged?


When Shipments Arrive Damaged or Lost

Akon strives to ship materials quickly and efficiently and we choose the most reliable shipping carriers available. However, inevitably shipments will get lost or damaged by the shipping carriers. This puts both AKON and our customers in a tough situation. AKON will be burdened with substantial paperwork and product expense to get these products reshipped. Sometimes not ever receiving reimbursement from the carrier for these lost or damaged products. Our customers are then inconvenienced due to downtime or missing critical deadlines for installation. Since these issues do arise we use an industry standard procedure for getting our customers their products which have been lost or damaged.


What to Do

  • If you see visible damage to the packaging sign for the shipment as "damaged" with the carrier when they unload.
  • If your order does not ship in full, sign for it as "missing items". For instance, if you see box 1 of 4 and only have 1 box then notify your salesperson at AKON immediately. AKON will then work on shipping out your items.

How AKON Ships Replacements?

Once we have communication from our customers then we begin the process of getting replacements shipped out. Please be aware under no circumstances does Akon ship next day air replacements due carrier negligence. Following industry standards, we use standard ground shipping for all replacement parts. If you would like to use next day air, then AKON can provide you with a shipping quote or you can use your carrier. Please be aware that next day air can range from $250 for small items and up to $1,500 for heavier items. You can also specify a carrier which can pick up the items once they are ready.