Industrial Retractable Barrier – SB-3000

Industrial Retractable Barrier


The SB-3000 is a manually operated and very visible retractable safety barrier. With the use of one person, you can quickly deploy the industrial barrier along a dock, pit edge, or any other location that needs to be guarded. Used in factories all over the United States, this guard is an ideal visual barrier.

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Industrial Dock Barrier

Retractable Industrial Barriers Benefits

The SB-3000 is our most economical industrial side to side barrier. With its low cost a facility can properly guard dangerous dock edges and prevent costly accidents. It is a very effective visual barrier system that can save lives and keep your workers safe.

Retractable Industrial Barriers


  • Shade height: 48″ / 58″ from floor
  • Shade length: Up to13′ with single shade / up to 24′ with two units connected together
  • Post height: 61″
  • Post footprint: 6″ x 6″ x 3/8″ thick
  • Mounting: Static post
  • Custom printing: BE ALERT FALL NOT Verbiage optional
  • Portable: No
  • Force protections: Not intended as a physical restraint – visual barrier only
  • Shade colors: Yellow mesh with black and yellow strip edges on top and bottom
  • Shades material: CFM approved, Vinyl-coated 18 oz, resists fire, oils, alkalis, most acids
    water, mildew, welding sparks, and grinding sparks
    Service range of -40° to 180° F continuous
  • Shades can be replaced: Yes


Shade Mounting Options

Each retractable barrier comes with a post to roll up into. However, The shade that pulls out needs to connect to something to hold it in the extended position. Below you can view the different shade hooks. Choose style 7 for mounting to a vertical surface such as a wall or existing bollard.




Photo Gallery

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