Roll-Up Safety Guard



The SB11000 Roll Up Safety Guard provides your workers with protection from weld flash, flying debris, and also prevents access to dangerous machines. The innovative up and down shield, which also rotates 360 degrees allows full access into a work cell where traditional safety curtains fall short.

A heavy duty ratchet roller allows the curtain to be locked at any vertical positions with only a light tug on the nylon strap. The curtain also attached to the roller with a hook and loop fastener for ease of replacement.


Roll Down Welding Guard

These roll down welding guards can be mounted to a free-standing post, supported from above via chains or mounted to the face of a wall or beam. This versatility allows them to form welding cells at work process cells that protect bystanders and fellow workers from welding sparks, flying debris and other harmful elements.

The Roll-Up Safety Guards can be locked in any position from full up to full down position. Working like an old window shade, the ratchet locks the shade at the correct working height.


Common Uses

  • Roll Up Welding Guard
  • Roll Up Robotic Cell Guard
  • Pull Down Work Cell Shield
  • Industrial Welding Shade

Roll Up Safety Guard Benefits

  • Provides quick access into and out of the work cell
  • Prevents the need to man-handle traditional shields
  • Allows maximum use of floor space
  • Ideal for applications where there can be no obstructions
  • Can swivel 360 degrees to provide overhead access
  • Industrial vinyl can be easily replaced if damage occurs


  • Height: Up to 10'
  • Length: Up to 15'
  • Horizontal movement: With use of the hand held bar 360 degrees
  • Vertical movement: With use of the hand held bar
  • Mount plate: 16" x 16" x 3/8"
  • Post: 4' diameter steel tubing
  • Bumper stop: Yes, Keeps the guard from over-traveling
  • Shields per post: (2) shields can be mounted to a single post for corner protection
  • Roller: Heavy duty 3" diameter with locking ratchet
  • Protection from: Heat, ultraviolet light, sparks and flying debris.
  • Shade: CFM approved, 14mil vinyl, resists fire, oils, alkalis, most acids
    water, mildew, welding sparks, and grinding sparks
    Service range of -40° to 180° F continuous
  • Transparent fabric: CFM approved, 3° to 165° F continuous
  • Fabric replacement: Yes, Easily detaches from the roller if damaged

Mounting Options



The Roll-Up Safety Guard can be mounted to the face of a wall or beam. It can then swivel or be fixed in position.



A floor pedestal which anchors into the cement floor can be used to mount the industrial roll up welding guard. It can also swivel or be fixed in position like the wall mount.



At no additional cost the standard chain supported mount is included. Chains drop down from above to hold up the roll up guard.

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