Roll Up Guard – Photo Gallery


Using the clear roller safety guard you can see through the shade to view the process taking place inside of the machine.


Another example of a clear roll up guard that allows a line of sight inside of the inner workings of the machine.


An industrial roller shade used on a vertical spindle. The roller is wider than the shade to accommodate the extensive travel.


This industrial rollup cover as an L-shaped mounting flange. The standard mounting flange is a flat bar at the end of the shade.


This piece of equipment required industrial roll up guards on all four sides of the lift.


The guards can be stored in the rolled up position in zip tied for storage when not required for use.


Here you can see the roller guard used at one and of a high travel scissor lift table.


Our heavy duty machine roll up cover as installed on a piece of automated equipment. It is protecting pinch points that are dangerous to the operator.


All of the roll up guards have detachable mounting brackets that can be removed. This allows for easy replacement of the retractable machine guarding should it become damaged.


Another example of a bracket.


Roller safety guarding as installed on a machine cycles up and down. Here the shade protected the operators from harmful moving objects.


In this picture you can see at the end of the shade there is a pocket where a flat bar can be inserted. You then use a fastener to go through the flat bar and into your component.


A piece of automated equipment that was cycling at a high rate of speed and very often. This particular machine cover kept debris from getting inside of critical components.


A clear see-through window as installed on a roll up curtain guard.


A roll up guard cover as installed on a Southworth scissor lift table. For this particular application only certain areas had to be guarded. These were areas where operators had the potential to have their hands or fingers pinched.


Here’s the roll up machine cover as shown without the mounting brackets.


Industrial machine guarding as shown when fully extended. There is constant tension on the shade so as the machine moves in and out so does the shade.


Sheet metal can also be used on the roll up safety guard. These are ideal for highly corrosive environments or where extremely hot particulate will be present.


A see-through roll up guard that was applied for a piece of equipment which required a clear line of sight into the machine. This allowed the workers to ensure there were no defects in the product that was being produced.


The yellow roll up safety shade can also be supplied as all-black or any custom color you choose. However yellow and black are the least expensive.


The industrial roller guard shade located in the middle of the roller assembly. This is a typical configuration for a very narrow shade that has to have a lot of travel.


The machine roll up guards can also come equipped with no end pocket or metal flange. You can then use any type of fastening device you choose.


This industrial safety shade travels 13 feet into the air. It is protecting pinch points on the opposite side which are dangerous to the operator.


This customer used the guarding on a custom-built workstation. The operator then had the ability to raise and lower the shade to perform their operation.


A safety roll curtain used at the bottom of a spindle. The extra wide roller had to be used to accommodate the long travel. When a roller has to be wider than the shade the shade can be placed anywhere on the roller.


An example of our shade used for guarding the process with a clear vision panel for a line of sight. These clear vision panels can be larger or smaller and placed anywhere on the shade.

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