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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the correct material?
There are many different materials to choose from and it is very difficult for the customer to choose. It is best for you to give AKON your application details such as the environment, duty cycle, temperatures, fluids, dust..ect. We can then choose the most economical longest lasting material.

Can I send you my print / design and you quote from that?
Yes we actually encourage our customers to email or fax us their CAD or hand drawn sketches for us to quote from. Make sure when you send in your prints you list all the information you can about the application and include your contact information. You can use our contact us page or our online industrial bellows forms page.

My application is very high temperature, do you have materials for extreme heat?
Yes we have several high temperature bellows material we can use. These range from a few hundred degrees to several thousands of degrees fahrenheit. Keep in mind these are often the most expensive materials so we will want to know the maximum temperature the bellows will have to endure to keep the costs down.

Are there any stocked bellows or are they all custom?
Unfortunately we do not stock any custom bellows. All of the bellows are made to order based on your unique design parameters. We do however offer quick ship on some materials. The first step is to get your quote and then you can ask your salesperson how fast it can ship.