Industrial Roll Up Barricade – SB2000



The SB-2000 is an industrial roll up barricade that will protect operators and products. This guard unrolls from the steel post and is ideal for securing areas and preventing access. Used for both indoor and outdoor applications, it easily will adjust to your desired length to form a firm barricade. The rugged design will last for many cycles and can endure repetitive use.

Collapses To Allow For Full Access


Roll Up Barricade Features

In addition to its rugged design, the industrial retractable barricade also offers some other unique features.

  • Waterproof, wind, heat and cold tolerant
  • Industrial vinyl is durable
  • Custom printed warnings are available
  • Safety yellow material warns of danger
  • Steel posts can withstand collisions
  • Posts anchor with 4 anchor bolts
  • Conserves valuable floor space
  • The roll up barricade provides rapid access

Common Barricade Applications

There are countless industrial applications where the roll up barricade can be utilized. Some of the more common applications include:

  • Isle way barrier for people and forklifts
  • Separate people from robot work cells
  • Temporary restricted work areas or zones
  • Guard a large hole in the floor
  • Visual warning for people on walkways

Printed Logos and Warnings

The easy to pull out industrial barricade can also feature custom printing. You can limit access of visitors, workers, and bystanders to dangerous areas or sensitive zones with warning labels.

  • Limit access to sensitive areas
  • The bright yellow color is hard to miss
  • Warn people with a roll up isle barrier
  • Partition off robotic welding cells

Versatile Attachment Styles


6 Different Mounting Options

Each retractable guard comes with a post to roll up into. However, the shade that pulls out needs to connect to something to hold it in the extended position. Below you can view the different shade hooks.

  • Style 1 - Mounts to the face of a vertical surface such as a wall or beam | Single Shade
  • Style 2 - Mounts to the face of a vertical surface such as a wall or beam to connect two shades | Dual Shade
  • Style 3 - Mounts to the face of a vertical surface such as a wall or beam on an angle | Single Shade
  • Style 4 - Mounts in the cement to connect two shades together | Dual Shade (Removable)
  • Style 5 - Post that anchors into the cement to connect two shades together | Dual Shade
  • Style 6 - Post that anchors into the cement | Single Shade

Need to Make a Long Roll Up Barricade?

If you need a long straight line or even if you need to make a large custom shape then simply connect the guards like below. Shown with different attachment styles for your reference (styles 4,5 and 2). By using the maximum shade span of 20' you can achieve a very long retractable barrier.


Installation Pictures



  • Shade height: 48" with 8" gap at bottom | top of shade is 56" from floor
  • Single Shade length: Up to 20'
  • Double Shade length: Up to 40' (two shades connected together in the middle)
  • Post height: 62"
  • Post footprint: 6" x 6" x 3/8" thick
  • Post Anchor Plate: 8-1/2" x 10" base plate
  • Portable: No
  • Shipping Weight: Each unit is 100lbs and can ship UPS


  • Solid / Mesh: Standard is solid Vinyl with optional mesh
  • Force protections: Not intended as a physical restraint, visual barrier only
  • Shade colors: Yellow is standard with optional upgrade to other colors
  • Shade top and bottom: Black and yellow stripe edges on top and bottom
  • Shade material: CFM approved, Vinyl-coated 18 oz, resists fire, oils, alkalis, most acids water, mildew, welding sparks, and grinding sparks
  • Temperature Range: Service range of -40° to 150° F continuous
  • Shades can be replaced: Yes

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