Drop Down Safety Guard


MODEL - SB-6000

The drop-down roller guard provides eye protection from grinding, welding and sanding operations. The operation is very simple via the pull strap which the operator pulls down. Once at the desired height a ratchet holds the safety shade in place. Once no longer needed, the operator gives the pull strap a slight pull in the roller safety shade rolls back up.

Ideal for Welding Booths


Common Applications

  • Welding booths safety guard
  • Industrial work stations drop down shield
  • Garage and workshops roller guarding
  • Automation weld flash roller shade guard
  • CNC pull down safety shade
  • And many more


  • Weight rod inside bottom pocket
  • Hand cut-out for solid grip
  • Pull strap for taller shades
  • Industrial ratchet for multi-lock positions
  • Rated for thousands of cycles

Welding Booths

  • Ideal for welding booths and welding cells
  • Pulls down quickly behind the welder
  • Can be tinted for partial visibility
  • Does not interfere like welding strips
  • Locks in down position for safety

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