Drop Down Safety Guard


MODEL - SB-6000

The drop-down roller guard provides eye protection from grinding, welding and sanding operations. Operation is very simple via the pull strap which the operator pulls down. Once at the desired height a ratchet holds the safety shade in place. Once no longer needed, the operator gives the pull strap a slight pull in the roller safety shade rolls back up.

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Ideal for Welding Booths


Common Applications

  • Welding booths safety guard
  • Industrial work stations drop down shield
  • Garage and workshops roller guarding
  • Automation weld flash roller shade guard
  • CNC pull down safety shade
  • And many more…



  • Weight rod inside bottom pocket
  • Hand cut-out for solid grip
  • Pull strap for taller shades
  • Industrial ratchet for multi-lock positions
  • Rated for thousands of cycles


Welding Booths

  • Ideal for welding booths and welding cells
  • Pulls down quickly behind the welder
  • Can be tinted for partial visibility
  • Does not interfere like welding strips
  • Locks in down position for safety

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