Lead Screw Guard Covers – Ideal for Lathes

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One of the functions of this device is that it shields operators from moving parts of the lathe and helps in keeping working materials from entangling moving parts. The Roll-up lead screw is a two self-rolling/unrolling units which consist of tear and oil resistant band close to the aluminum and pressed steel brackets that are responsible for the security and travel with lathe carriage. This device is available irrespective of the size, they are in different bandwidths and lengths.

Key Highlights


  • Lathe Roller covers can be found in different sizes starting from 150mm to 600mm wide in steps of 50mm and in lengths to suit the need of clients up to 2.6M of travel.
  • Normally combined when supplying, one for each side of the saddle, one side rolls up, the opposite extends because of the saddle travels.
  • The roll-out cover is factory-made from nylon mesh reinforced neoprene designed for the purpose of being a proof against hot swarf (turning chips).
  • Lathe roller covers are provided with the spring loaded winding mechanism contained in a solid metal enclosure with threaded inserts suitable for attaching mounting brackets.
  • The fact that all machines are different, no mounting brackets are provided thus style and manufacture of simple mounting brackets is the responsibility of the customer.
  • They are designed to stop operator materials (clothing) from tangling with the rotating Feed shaft and Leadscrew on a lathe, however, it will be used as an alternative for other applications.
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Roll-Up Lead-Screw Protection

AKON provides the roll-up lead screw protection device for all lathe styles. These mini lathe leadscrew covers are exceptional lead screw protection devices that are installed easily and quickly. This well-being device protects the operators from reaching moving parts of the lathe, thereby keeping work clothes/materials from reaching moving parts and getting entangled.

The two self-rolling/unrolling units both have a tear-and oil-resistant band fused to aluminum and pressed steel brackets that secures and travel with the lathe carriage. This device is user friendly and readily available to customers in different bandwidths and lengths.


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