Sliding Safety Curtains



The CS-500 Sliding Safety Curtains are great options for manufacturing work cells where there cannot be any interference on the floor or overhead. The sliding curtain is supported by a steel cable which is connected from one of the work cell to the other side. The operator simply walks the cable/curtain to the mounting fixture which is located up to 26' away. The side to side safety curtain then protects the operator and nearby bystanders from welding sparks, welding rays, and other harmful flying debris.

Collapses To Allow For Full Access


Industrial Sliding Safety Curtains

The industrial sliding safety curtain is ideal for manufacturing work cells where overhead suspension systems can interfere with material handling. The CS500 allows the cable and the curtain to be removed easily, enabling passage of overhead cranes and material handling equipment. The CS500 can then be re-extended for safe area protection. Shown here with optional free-standing mounting post.


Tension Cable Mounting

The CS500 sliding safety curtain stores on the cable guide, and the entire assembly can be rotated 180° for safe storage. Combining a safety curtain and a suspension device, the CS500 is a versatile area protection system. By conveniently extending and retracting, the industrial sliding safety curtain can span distances up to 26 feet, thus providing an effective method of area protection


Curtain Easily Slides

Once extended, you can also move the curtain on the cable like a shower curtain rolls side-to-side on a rail. The curtain features connectors which easily slide on the cable track. This gives the safety curtain the ability to open and close when complete access is not needed for cranes or forklifts.

Easy to Install Hardware


Mount to an Existing Wall or AKON Post

  • The industrial sliding safety curtain can be attached to a wall or post.
  • The post can be anchored into the cement.
  • Portable posts are also available to allow for modular welding cells.

Complete Access For Gantry Cranes And Forklifts


Quick Access

  • The roll up welding curtains are easy to walk side to side.
  • Welding bays are now able to accommodate overhead material movement.
  • Welding cells and robotic welding cells can now have rapid change-out of materials.




  • Height: Up to 6'
  • Length: Up to 26'
  • Protection from: Heat, Ultraviolet light, sparks, and flying debris
  • Shades: CFM approved, 14mil vinyl, resists fire, oils, alkalis, most acids
    water, mildew, welding sparks, and grinding sparks
  • Service range of -40° to 165° F continuous
  • Shades can be replaced: Yes, easily detaches from the cable if damaged

Spring Attachment

  • Can mount to the face of wall, beam or optional AKON free-standing post.

Shade Sizes

  • 5'h x 13'w
  • 5'h x 26'w
  • 6'h x 13'w
  • 6'h x 26'w
  • Custom sizes available upon requests

Shade Colors

  • Semi Transparent Orange
  • Semi Transparent Yellow
  • Semi Transparent Shade 8
  • Clear (Will No Block UV Rays)
  • Opaque Yellow - Add $220
  • Opaque Blue - Add $220
  • Opaque Green - Add $220
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