Roll Up Way Covers and Rollaway Covers



Roll up way covers come in several different configurations. They are used to protect CNC machines, milling machines, routers, lathes and many other different industrial machines. They are ideal for light to medium chip loads.


Custom Designed

These rollup way covers, also called rollway covers, are widely used to protect slide and guide ways from dust, chips, and swarf. The covers can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position depending on the application. They are most commonly used for cross slide and vertical slide guarding in CNC machines. They are an ideal method for protecting machines that do not require the complete seal of a bellows cover.

Shades are available in many elastomer-coated fabrics with rollers supplied in widths of 12″ to 12′. Rollers can be supplied complete with mounting brackets and can accommodate machine travels up to 20′.

roll way cover CNC machine

Roll Up Way Cover Benefits

  • Can handle high rates of speed and high frequency
  • Takes up very little space which is ideal for small spaces
  • Easy to install
  • Much less expensive than purchasing from overseas OEM
  • Protects parts from hot chips, cutting oils , lubricants and abrasive particles

Way Cover

How Do I Choose the Correct Roller Way Covers

Choosing the correct roller way cover for your CNC, Lathe, or router is best left to the experts. That is why we have designed our intuitive fill in form which will ask you a few important questions which will allow us to send you a detailed quote. This form will ask you for roller orientation, swarf description, duty cycle and rate of extensions. Simply click the yellow button below to get started.


  • DUTY CYCLE – Rated from 500,000 (Standard) to 1,000,000 cycles (Super Duty)
  • OPERATION SPEED – Slow to fast extension and retraction speeds
  • SHADE MATERIAL – Vinyl, Neoprene, Hypalon, and Teflon Coated Fiber Glass for high temperatures
  • TEMP RANGE – Up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit
  • ROLLER DIAMETERS – 1″, 1.5″, 2″, 2.50″ and 3″
  • SHADE MOUNT – Flat steel stock at the end of the shade
  • ROLLER MOUNT – Removable mounting legs which can toe inward or outward


Optional Components


Durable Shades

Roller shades are custom-made and provide protection for machine guarding, consisting of coated or uncoated textile material attached to an industrial spring roller. Available in standard Neoprene or other specialized materials.


High Temp Shades

Standard .018 gauge neoprene coated nylon for light protection (chips, coolants). However, for any environment hotter than 140 degrees Fahrenheit we use materials that can withstand the higher temperatures.


Internal Spring

Based on the amount of cycles your machine will perform in a given hour and the speed it will operate at dictates the internal spring used. Each roller is configured per your exact needs.

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