Retractable Machine Guard

Retractable Machine Guard


Akon is an industrial supplier of retractable machine guards for equipment that has moving parts which could injure an operator. These industrial guards can be custom made to fit almost any size opening to protect slide and guide ways for almost any machine. Also, this style of guard is a great alternative to traditional bellows covers which take up much more space.


Retracable Machine Guard Picture

Heavy Duty Guard Construction

The machine guards retract to a very compressed footprint and can extend up to 8’ in length. The material used ranges from a standard vinyl which is the least expensive and most common to a Kevlar material which is rated for extreme heat applications.

Several mounting options are also available as the retractable machine guard can be mounted in a vertical position or a horizontal position. You can choose to design your own mount or you can have one included with your order. Simply bolt the guard to the machine, and then bolt the curtain to the moving part.

Retractable Machine Guard – The Benefits

Moving machine components can result in serious workplace injuries, such as crushed hands, severe burns, or in worst case scenarios fatal injuries. There must be a barrier between the associate and the machines that they operate. These hazards must be controlled, and at best eliminated, to safeguard the workers in the facility.

OSHA is also involved in the oversight of machine guarding and insuring the compliance of companies to use such protection. If your organization does not install an industrial retractable machine guard where one is needed, you could be in serious trouble should an OSHA inspector find such an infraction. In addition to the fine, should anyone become hurt due to the missing machine guarding, then you could also have serious litigation fines. You can read more about OSHA Machine Guarding here.

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