Industrial Roller Guards and Shades


Roll Up Safety Guarding

Akon offers many different roll up safety guards and roll-up safety curtains to protect people, machines, and components. Designed to suit per order these guards are an ideal solution for applications where it is not ideal to have in place a static fixed guard. Most of our roller safety guarding is fabricated from industrial grade vinyl and where applicable high temp materials. Our application specialist can work with you to ensure you have the material that will work for your application.

Industrial Roller Shades and Blinds

Many applications require an entire opening to be guarded. Examples include an opening to a robotic weld cell, welding and grinding work areas, or areas where flying debris is present. In these applications, you can utilize our industrial roller blinds and industrial shades rollers. These deploy quickly via the operator who walks the roller shade guard from one side of the work area to the adjacent side. Once deployed these guards provide a light-weight shield from harmful UV rays, sparks and debris.