Retractable Safety Barrier



Prevent access to walk ways and dangerous areas with the use of this retractable safety barrier.The safety barrier is quick to install and very easy to operate. The operator simply grabs onto the handle and then walks the curtain from the post to the opposite post. The guard can also attach to an adjacent wall depending on your application needs.


Retractable safety barrier applications

There are many uses for this type of safety guard. With its rugged design, it will last many years even with repetitive heavy use. Its highly visible yellow vinyl safety barrier makes it an ideal solution for the following applications.

  • Partition off robotic works cells
  • guard against for openings in the floor
  • Create walk ways where people can walk
  • retractable safety barrier for restricted areas
  • protect the edge of elevated platforms
  • create a barrier at the edge of a dock
  • protect machinery or equipment

Any application that requires a safety barrier to be retractable is an ideal candidate for this type of device.


The posts are constructed out of high-grade steel and only take up a footprint of 6 x 6. This very small footprint allows for more floor space to be utilized for production, material movement, and foot traffic. Also, there is no need to manhandle traditional guarding which is both heavy, time-consuming to move, and unrealistic for frequent change out use.

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