Industrial Roll Up Curtains

Roll Up Welding Guard

SB-12000 – Roll Up Safety Guard

This industrial pull up welding curtain can raise and lower with a pull on the operation cord. When you pull the cord down the curtain rolls up from the bottom. You can then tie it off on any nearby object to keep it in the raised position.

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Industrial Roll Up Curtain

SB-13000 – Industrial Roll Up Curtain

Unlike the SB-12000, the SB-13000 rolls up on a drum located at the top. The advantage of this design is that the curtain does not have to be tied off to remain in the up position. The simple hand operated turn bar raises and lowers the industrial shade.

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Industrial Roll Up Guard

SB-9000 – Roll Up Guard

Hand pulled with spring tension roller. This industrial roll up guard has a shade that that is welding grade which blocks harmful UV light. Features an extension of up to 25′

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Retractable Industrial Guard

CS-500 – Safety Guard

This guard has a winding cable that the operator walks across the work cell to the other side and attaches it to a receiving hook. The curtain can then slide back and forth on the tension cable. Features an extension of up to 26′

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Mobile Industrial Guard

SB-5000 – Mobile Safety Guard

Us these industrial mobile welding guards to form a work cell or even an entire floor layout of welding cells. Each post has casters for mobility to move them out of the way when not in use. Max extension is 180″.

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Industrial Portable Welding Guard

SB-10000 – Mobile Safety Guard

This guard can be picked up and moved from one work area to the other. It has casters on one end of the frame to allow the industrial mobile weld guard to be transported quickly and easily.

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Industrial Roll Up Guards

SB-11000 – Roll Up Safety Guard

This roll up and down welding guard works like an old style window shade. It has a ratchet that allows the welding shade to be placed at various heights from full up to full down. Supported from the floor, wall or the ceiling with chains or cables.

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Industrial Roll Out Barricade

SB-2000 – Roll Up Safety Guard

When you need to keep people from entering dangerous areas the SB-2000 industrial roll up barricade is ideal This shade can be pulled from one or two posts depending on the desired width.

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Industrial Roll Out Barricades

SB-2000P – Roll Up Safety Guard

Same guard as the SB-2000 except this version allows for portable movement with the use of casters on the posts. Custom warning labels can also be included on the shade of the industrial roll out barricade.

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Industrial Dock Guard

SB-3000 – Roll Out Dock Guarding

The loading dock is a dangerous place with drop down edges. The SB-3000 visual dock guard rolls out and provides a visual warning of the docks edge. This guard can also be used anywhere inside your facility for guarding pits, dangerous areas, or keeping people out of an area.

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Industrial Roll Up Curtains for Flexibility

Akon offers a variety of industrial roll up curtains which are used to provide workers with protection from flying debris, welding sparks, excessive heat, pinch points, and many other industrial dangers. Each roll up curtain is designed from material which will endure the harshest work environments.


  • Shield workers from welding sparks
  • Prevent injuries from dangerous moving machines
  • Form a physical barrier from dangerous work processes
  • Protect critical components or finished goods from debris

Retractable Safety Guards

Our line of retractable safety guards will allow your workers to pull the guard across their work area when shielding is required, and then retract the guarding once it is no longer needed. This style of safety guarding provides maximum access to the work cell and eliminates obstructions which might hinder moving material into or out of the work cell.

These retractable guards are also ideal for frequently changing manufacturing processes as they can be quickly taken down and used in other locations. This would be difficult, if not impossible with steel guards which have to be anchored to the floor and have fixed lengths.


  • More flexible than traditional fixed safety guards
  • Provides the best access into and out of the assembly areas
  • Ideal for wide openings where fixed safety guards would be hard to store when not in use
  • Allows for overhead access of cranes which transports material into the work area
  • Very small footprint when the retractable safety guards are fully retracted
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