CNC Machine Guarding



You can use our line of lift table guards to protect your operators from the dangerous pinch points of the moving scissors. The lift table guarding will also keep debris out of the sensitive internal components of the lift.
Constructed from high grade 22oz industrial vinyl, and industrial grade stitching, these guards are designed to endure heavy usage.

Picture of the guarding used in the vertical position

Lift Table Guard Features

Here are just a few of the features that you can have your lift table guarding equipped with.

  • Vent Panels These vents allow for the expulsion of air into and out of the guard. This prevents the vinyl from deforming as suction is created.
  • Stiffening Wires  These steel wires are inserted into each of the folds to provide a more rigid perimeter.
  • Attachment Methods  You can choose to include Velcro or Flat Steel Bar attachment at the top of the lift table guard.
  • Internal or External Folds The fold can face inwards or outwards based on your need for a smaller footprint.
  • Fold Depth The fold of the skirt can be as small as 1” and as large as 3.5 as another means to keep the footprint of the lift small.

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