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You can use our line of lift table guards to protect your operators from the dangerous pinch points of the moving scissors. The lift table guarding will also keep debris out of the sensitive internal components of the lift.
Constructed from high grade 22oz industrial vinyl, and industrial grade stitching, these guards are designed to endure heavy usage.


Quality Vinyl Safety Skirts

Not all vinyl safety skirts are created equal; some have poor stitching while others have material that is not suited for the harsh environment of an industrial plant. Whatever the case may be, Akon will work with you and for you to make sure that you understand what you are ordering, what you should consider, and when you can expect to take possession of the skirting.

Features of Our Vinyl Safety Skirting

We use a thick durable vinyl that can take the abuse of heavy production use in some of the dirtiest environments possible. For example, our vinyl safety skirting can be found in food processing plants that wash down their equipment on a daily basis for sanitary reasons. Our protective covers will ensure that no food enters inside of the equipment which would result in a build up of bacteria and other contaminants.


Better Components

We also equip our vinyl safety skirts with flat bar steel attachments located at the top and bottom of the lift table bellows if your application requires it. The steel bar attachment uses tek screws which hold the bar and the skirt in place for high-speed cycling, or high-pressure wash downs which would otherwise blow the vinyl safety skirts off of the equipment.

Stiffening wires can also be installed inside of the vinyl safety skirting to provide a more rigid structure to the bellows. This is often times a good idea for larger bellows since the material can often time deform. While the stiffening wires will add a nominal additional cost to the skirting, you will not regret it. The bellows will look a lot better, and more importantly it will function much better.

We hope this information was helpful for you and we look forward to working with you and your company.

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