Retractable Safety Cover

Retractable Safety Cover


You can use our line of Retractable safety Coverto protect both pinch points and critical machine parts from damage. The retractable cover will retract and extend much like a roller shade in a window. They are suitable when a small footprint is ideal and only one side of safety covering is required.


Benefits of the Safety Cover

  • Tension from the spring assembly keeps the material tight
  • Millions of cycles are possible with no loss of tension
  • Low cost solution compared to other types of guarding
  • Very easy to install via the spring mounting hole pattern
  • Works great for CNC Machine cross slides and vertical slides
  • The retractable safety cover keeps hands away from moving parts
  • Ideal for both slow and high speed applications
  • Material is available for high and low temperatures


There are many applications which can utilize the Akon retractable safety cover. Some of our customers are guarding sheer points along platforms while others use the covers to cover water tanks outside. Its uses are not limited to only CNC machines.

Mounting the retractable safety cover to the machine is also very simple. Each roller has a mounting bracket located at both ends of the roller. Each bracket has two hole locations where you will bolt it to the almost any structure. At the opposite end of the roller is a sleeve on the cover which will attach to the moving object. In this sleeve, you simply slide in a piece of flat stock steel. You can then drill holes through this steel flat to allow you attach the curtain portion.

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