Lift Table Bellows Guard



Akon Skirting and Bellows provides some of the best quality lift table bellows on the market. Our skirts are designed for Heavy Industrial Use which will provide your equipment and operators with long lasting protection.
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Standard Features

  • Heavy Duty tear resistant 22 oz vinyl material
  • Flame retardant vinyl coated polyester
  • 138 polyester thread
  • Visually alerting black and yellow convolutions
  • Maintenance ties
  • Ventilation panels


Akon can provide lift table bellows for practically any type of scissor lift on the market. From new lifts to retro fit replacement skirts, we can design and ship on time. Simply call in or fill in our request for quote  form and we will promptly send you a formal proposal with a great price and delivery.

Types of Lift Table Guarding

While most plants choose the stitched lift table guarding, there is actually another option to choose from.

Thermic Lift Table Guards These covers are not stitched but thermally bonded to stiff internal PVC strips. The strips form the folds and thus eliminate the need for stitching. This is ideal for food processing facilities and showroom lift tables due to its clean non porous design.

A Clean Professional Look - This style of lift table toe guard is more expensive than a stitched version, but it sometimes is required for certain applications. In fact, companies such as Lockheed Martin utilize these guards with their company logo imprinted on them for one of their showrooms.

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